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I joined “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the cryptocurrency’s move and why it’s become a popular investment. Below are some of the areas I covered in the interview including what I believe will drive further adoption of Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin Has Been Going Higher

Bitcoin has grown over 400% in the last 12 months with a market cap of approximately $600B. Additionally, Bitcoin ‘whales,’ addresses with more than 100 Bitcoin, accumulated an additional 47,500 Bitcoin in December alone, according to crypto exchange Kraken.

The reality is that the USD loses at least 2% in value each year with the current inflation rate. Institutions and corporate buyers are adopting Bitcoin as a potential global store of value and inflation hedge. …

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“Part of the answer lies in the power of network structures and the ability of organizations to create what we have termed adaptive space,” says the co-authors of MIT Sloan Management Review's article “How to Catalyze Innovation in Your Organization.” Adaptive space is the network and organizational context that allows team members, ideas, information, and resources to flow across the organization to foster innovation.

Adaptive space “works by enabling ideas generated in entrepreneurial pockets of an organization to flow into the operational system and develop into new products or services that lead to growth.”

Innovation is no longer a side project; it now must be managed as part of the core business. Adaptive space doesn’t have to be a physical space like an incubator. It can be an internal pitch competition or a hackathon. Accommodating the COVID remote world teams live and work today is vital to bridging the idea flow between in-person and virtual. This can be done in several ways. For example, we partnered with Wallenius Wilhelmsen's innovation team to crowdsource innovation through an open innovation challenge. …

This Is How Black People Die

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Via Dr. Jessica Isom

Are all doctors and registered nurses racist? Not overtly. “But this is one (common) way Black patients receive different care: cumulative deprioritization,” writes Physician Scientist, Tamorah Lewis. Cumulative deprioritization is when implicit bias unconsciously affects decisions — It’s deadly.

Bias can play a role in whose COVID-19 symptoms are taken seriously, like Dr. Susan Moore. Dr. Moore was a Black doctor who died of COVID-19 after complaining of racist treatment. “He made me feel like a drug addict,” Dr. Moore said, accusing a white doctor of downplaying her complaints of pain and suggesting she should be discharged. Bias cost Dr. Moore her life. “Her medical degree did not save her from the racism that she endured while battling for her life,” tweeted Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo. …

It Might Get You Better Results

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things that we don’t know. It’s challenging to get on a pathway that you believe will bring you to the result you want. I’ll tell you a little secret, that pathway doesn’t exist. Every day you’ve got to get up and face different challenges and pressures in your life. Entrepreneurship is just a continued effort. But one thing that you can do along that path as you iterate and pivot is asking for help.

You can be curious, embrace some discomfort in not knowing the answers, and learn through trial and error. But if you want verification that you’re directionally correct or have a door opened, you have to ask for help. If you do a little bit of research, you’ll find many people out there who want to give back genuinely. Asking for help to take ownership of your career trajectory or the business you’re building is the first step to set you up towards reaching your goal. …

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Art by Jason Benjamin

That’s what a friend asked me as Bitcoin reached $28k for the first time. Below is how I replied.

In 2017, the speculative frenzy was largely driven by retail investors. This year is different because institutions and corporations are adopting Bitcoin. Institutions see Bitcoin’s potential as a global store of value and a hedge against inflation. We are witnessing historic monetary inflation. 24% of all existing dollars were printed in the last 12 months.

The risk/reward profile is attractive to investment heavyweights like Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, and corporations like Microstrategy, Square, and MassMutual purchasing and transforming their cash reserves into Bitcoin. …

monthly newsletter

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In our final newsletter of 2020, we celebrate five years of humble, inclosed a report defining the current state of the ecosystem, top takeaways from our recent Amazon Pop-Up, and stories for how to reinforce the behavior you want to see in the world, and ways to cultivate success in 2021. Enjoy time with family, happy holidays, and see you in 2021!

humble updates

humble ventures: 5 Years In

This October marks five years since humble ventures first started. As 2020 wraps up, I am thankful. Like so many others, COVID and this pandemic have affected the health and safety of…

Defining The Current State Of The…

Diverse Investor And Innovator Salon

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COVID-19 and inequality disproportionately hit minority businesses. Analysis from the National Bureau Of Economic Research reveals 41% of Black business owners disappeared in April. More than 80% of venture firms don’t have a single Black investor. Only 2.6% of venture capital dollars have gone to Black and Latinx startup founders so far in 2020. Additionally, only 3% of business investment goes to women.

On December 15, 2020, we convened 20 investors and innovators to discuss the challenges of driving growth for underserved audiences and how we can help drive growth in the ecosystem. The event was in salon format, a gathering of people to increase our knowledge through conversation. Cocktail kits mailed to each participant courtesy of event sponsor, Unicorn. …

Opportunities For Diverse Entrepreneurs Selling Online

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If the gaps that exist for minority-owned businesses are not filled, our business ecosystem and our communities will suffer. This dire situation is authentic for diverse suppliers & sellers.

Together with Amazon Business, we hosted a virtual pop-up event to discuss the benefits of Amazon Business and share the opportunities and challenges of underrepresented entrepreneurs selling their products and grow during COVID. We welcomed 180 entrepreneurs in attendance thinking about retail’s future to listen to and engage with influential voices from Amazon Business.

Our panelists included Lois Rouder, Senior Business Development Manager at Amazon, Karla Winfrey, Partner/Foodprenuer at Winfrey Foods, Eloy Yndigoyen, CFO/COO/Head of eCommerce at Spread The Love, and Latria Graham, President of Graham Leak Branding. Additionally, we heard from successful Black-owned B2C and B2B businesses utilizing Amazon Business in the live interactive chat. …

SMLP Speaker Series

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Sharing your network is one of the easiest ways to open doors for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This year I became the Director of The Southern Management Leadership Program (SMLP). SMLP identifies promising leaders among minority, first-generation, and low-income students attending community colleges and provides them with scholarships and mentoring at The University of Maryland (UMD). SMLP plays a big role in UMD’s success and recognition, ranking in the Top 10 for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for the sixth straight year.

This fall, we held a speaker series midweek for one hour via Zoom. The engagement was incredible! I invited successful entrepreneurs from my network that — I believed — the students would relate to most. You can’t be what you can't see. We recorded and uploaded the top tips from each speaker that encompasses all of the valuable lessons they shared with the student entrepreneurs. The students were given time to ask the speakers questions and get advice related to their respective situations. …

That’s what award-winning leadership professor, margarita mayo, learned after examining research collected from over 200 companies. Humble leaders improve company performance, have a balanced view of themselves while being open to new ideas and feedback. Yet, many organizations seek leaders who exude charisma, hoping to drive large-scale transformation. Instead, the void is filled with competitive games between teams and innovation theater wrapped in organizational narcissism. “A leader’s humility can be contagious,” Mayo writes, and when leaders behave humbly, employees mirror their behavior fostering more collaborative environments.


Harry Alford

Harry Alford is Co-Founder of humble ventures, a venture development firm accelerating tech startups in partnership with large organizations and investors.

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