Blockchain infrastructure is critical, and crypto is the future of money

Harry Alford
2 min readJun 17, 2024

The previous technological revolutions built new technology while relying on an existing financial structure. What makes blockchain’s technological revolution unique is that we’re tinkering with both the technology AND the financial structure. This combination of innovations is going to be explosive. A few reasons why:

The State of Crypto: The Fortune 500 Moving Onchain:
“America’s top public companies are busier onchain than ever. A survey of Fortune 500 executives finds that 56% say their companies are working on onchain projects.”

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink on National Debt:
“No matter how much we tax, how much we cut or reduce that debt, it will not be enough. This is why building new infrastructure is critical.”

Wall Street Journal:
“Stablecoins backed by dollars provide demand for US public debt and a way to keep up with China.”



Harry Alford

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