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Top Resources To Follow For Raising Capital

We recently had a handful of founders participate in an informal roundtable discussion on raising and spending capital. The panel consisted of respected founders with military service such as John Gossart, Co-Founder of GoodWorld and Andrew Kemendo from Pair3D. The founders represented different industries and provided responses on more than just bootstrapping and when to raise capital. (View video recap of panel discussion here)

Aside from combat, being a founder is the riskiest, hardest decision making process you’ll have to make. Everyday. — John Gossart, Co-Founder of GoodWorld

Both Sides Of The Table

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur turned VC. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Suster is as transparent as VCs come with regards to insight from not only a founders perspective, but also as a VC. Follow on Twitter

Alex Iskold

Alex Iskold is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Managing Director at Techstars in NYC. Iskold has spent countless hours with founders who are looking to raise funding. He is truly located at the pulse of venture funding. Follow on Twitter


Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has been in venture since 1986. Wilson publishes a post EVERY SINGLE DAY. Pretty incredible given his stature. He writes on a variety of topics from what he uses his iPhone for to option pools. Follow on Twitter

Feld Thoughts

Brad Feld of Foundry Group and the author of one of the most influential books on venture capital, Venture Deals, is someone to put on your radar if you haven’t already. His success and perspective is even more admirable because he, unlike most, is not located in Silicon Valley. Follow on Twitter

Paul Graham

Paul Graham is a programmer, writer, and investor. He co-founded Y Combinator in 2005 which has funded over 1,000 startups. Follow on Twitter

Tomasz Tunguz

Tunguz is a partner at Redpoint and writes daily, data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups including how to fund raise, startup benchmarks, management best practices and team building. If you’re interested in learning more about which metrics investors are tracking then subscibe to his newsletter. Follow on Twitter


As their Twitter profile reads, “ Andreessen Horowitz is a tech VC firm that invests in software eating the world.” Their occasional podcast provides a lens into which industries they are paying close attention to and possibly funding. Each episode is approximately 30 mins long and is jam-packed with astute observations. Follow on Twitter

Dan Primack

Dan Primack covers deals and deal-makers for Fortune. Subscribe to his daily newsletter for all the latest rounds raised from founders across every industry. The effort in curating every single newsletter is undeniable. The Term Sheet is a major resource you should rotate into your daily consumtion. Follow on Twitter

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Harry Alford is Co-Founder of humble ventures, a venture development firm accelerating tech startups in partnership with large organizations and investors.

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